Top 10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives You Must Try in 2022

Best Google AdSense Alternatives: If you are a newbie blogger and willing to start monetizing your site what would be the first thing that gets into your mind? It would definitely be Advertisements but how would you start them? The first and best option is Google AdSense.

I suppose everyone owning a website or a blog knows that getting a Google AdSense account and running it isn’t as easy as it looks. Your request to get an AdSense account can get rejected several times for some reason and when your luck works and you get one you never know when it can be banned.

AdSense could be the best but not the only option to monetize your site through Advertisements. In this post, we are going to talk about the Top 10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives so that you don’t have to sit back and panic if you have any condition like this.

What is Google AdSense and How it Works?

Before heading towards the AdSense Alternatives we need to know a brief about AdSense. It is an advertising service provided by Google to website owners and publishers. If you want to monetize your site traffic nothing can be better than AdSense.

To get started with AdSense you only need to create an account for the same and provide your code to your website. Google will analyze your site’s contents and context and will place the relevant ads to it. The revenue is generated with per-click or per-impression on ads.

How Worthy Are AdSense Alternatives?

No doubt nothing can beat AdSense when it comes to utilizing your site’s traffic to earn some money. But as I have already mentioned it is not easy to get approval for your account request on Google Adsense.

if you already have one, there is no guarantee of not getting banned at any time. So, even AdSense is the best but it’s better to have something than nothing. So the worth of AdSense alternatives is when you can not get AdSense itself.

Top 10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives


When we search for an alternative to Google AdSense, the first one we need to try in This can be the best advertising solution for a blogger after Google AdSense. It is powered by Yahoo and Bing and is a contextual advertising network.

If you want an alternative to Google Adsense which is quite similar to it then fits your demand. It is similar to Adsense in terms of features and advertisements and also gives good revenue.

You can get a lot of features along with so many customization options that make the ads blend into your site’s background and looks.

2. PropellerAds

PropellerAds is again one of the most popular ad networks. It is a UK-based ad network that was started in 2011 and got popularity in a very small span of time. It is specialized for pop-under ads but this is not the only thing.

You get banner ads, layer ads, Video ads, Slider ads, Mobile friendly ads, and much more. PropellerAds can be one of the top AdSense alternatives in terms of the amount of money you earn with it as they pay a decent amount.

3. Adversal

Adversal can also be the best replacement for Google AdSense as they have got some great services. It is easy to get the approval of your account which will take a maximum of 4 to 5 days. But you can request only when your blog or website has at least 50,000 traffic per month.

Apart from it your site has to be safe for browsing which means you do not publish anything illegal, or adult content, you do not promote piracy in any form, and a few other things.

If you fulfill all the criteria and get account approval then this can be a great option for you after AdSense.

4. Amazon Associates

If you have been in search of Google AdSense Alternatives to monetize your blog you must try Amazon’s Affiliate program. Amazon Associates is not a simple Advertising program but it is a different way of earning.

If you want to try it, you only need to create an Amazon Affiliate account which is very simple and after a few steps, you can get into it.

After creating Amazon Affiliate Account you will have to link it to your posts. You will get paid when your users click and buy any product from your affiliate link.

It is a very simple and effective method that is recommended to use by everyone regardless of they have AdSense or not.

5. Infolinks

Infolinks is a very popular advertising network and is one of the fastest-growing Adsense Alternatives. It is known for its In-text ads but now it has started providing Inframe, Insearch, and Intag ads also to increase the revenue for the publishers.

It is used by more than 100000 websites and blogs all over the world. Infolinks basically search and choose some keywords from your posts and convert them into ad links. It is best for the high traffic sites and gives a good revenue.

6. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is a direct advertisement service and it works a little differently from others. This is a marketplace where you list your site and the advertisers request to buy your ad space. You have control over which request you want to accept and which to reject.

After accepting an advertiser’s request their ads will start showing on your website. To get an approved account of BuySellAds you need to have a quality website with huge traffic.

As they work in the middle of you and the advertisers help you get to them, they take a 25% commission from the transactions.

7. Skimlinks

If you are into affiliate marketing Skimlinks can be an ultimate Adsense Alternative for you. It is not similar to the other affiliate programs.

If you have a Skimlinks account it starts working the moment you use any term related to marketing, products or any other money-making terms. It converts all these terms into affiliate links and you get paid when someone buys from it. 

If you have links to e-commerce sites on your post Skimlinks makes them affiliate links for you. This could be the best solution to earn extra money from your blog without spending extra time. 

8. PopAds

PopAds is also a popular advertising network for publishers, which started in 2010. This ad network can be a great choice for newbie bloggers and low-traffic websites because no minimum traffic is required to get approval in this ad network.

Its biggest feature is that PopAds can pay you daily if you earn $ 5 or more per day. they provide good quality optimized ads to load quickly.

They also have pop-ups, tab ups/tab under, and other monetization methods Which can prove to be a powerful google AdSense alternative for you.

9. Adsterra

Adsterra is one of the best AdSense alternatives for web publishers with impressive CPM.  It is one of the fastest-growing Adsense alternatives and provides its service in more than 200 countries.

Its CPM is the best as compared to other AdSense alternatives and gives you 100% of your revenue. Adsterra offers you a variety of different ad formats such as Popunder, Direct Link, pre-roll video, Web push notification etc.

They allow you to filter and select ads type, using which you can select the ads you want to run on your website to get the best CPM for your traffic.

10. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is bit unique compared to other AdSense alternatives. They offer various types of ads to publishers including pop-under, banner, top & footer style banners, buttons, etc.

RevenueHits is much better in terms of ads because this ad network is based on CPM. This means you are not getting many clicks on ads.

Despite this revenue it will pay you for how many expressions the ad makes. RevenueHits pays you through pioneer, Paypal, wire, and bitcoin.

Conclusion: Best Google AdSense Alternatives

So these were the “Top 10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives”. I hope as this article ends we have understood that if we can not get an Adsense account we can try out so many other options as Adsense Alternatives. You can ask your queries as well as share your Adsense alternative experience in the comment section.

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