What is App Spotlight on Android Devices?

In today’s article, we will discuss “What is App Spotlight on Android Devices“. Also, you will know in detail about all the features of this app. So let’s get started right way.

Spotlight is a time-saving app which is used to find apps on smartphones, if you have a lot of apps on your smartphone and you are having a problem finding a particular app, then it helps you to find that app that is needed at that time.

Initially, this app was available only for iOS users but later Google made this feature available for Android devices as well.

What is App Spotlight on Android Devices?

Spotlight is one such feature that comes in handy for you on many occasions. It saves you time while searching for an app or doing any other task.

Generally, Spotlight is a search utility app that provides you with many features, including important features like search function, Calculator and app insight. Along with this, you get features like currency conversion, web search, etc. This is the most convenient app found on smartphones these days.

This app is known by different names on Android and iPhone. In Android, the spotlight is known as Google and in iPhone, it is called spotlight.

Google depends on Google Assistant to do any of its tasks. Similarly, you can use the spotlight app as an assistant to help you.

What is the App Spotlight app used for?

As we told you that this app is capable of doing many things. Now let’s get to know about the capabilities of this app.

Following are some of the main functions of spotlight app.

#1. Weather Report

It works like google weather forecast, in which it provides you with information about the weather conditions of the day as well as the next 10 days.

In this, you can get information about the temperature and humidity of your current location with just 1 click. For this, you have to turn on your location so that it can track your location and give you information about the temperature based on your current location.

#2. Build Reminders

If you have many pending tasks and you are facing problems in managing them, then you can create a reminder with the help of spotlight app. This reminder is helpful to remind you of your scheduled tasks.

Usually, your Android phone has its own reminder but this is not very useful. It takes a long time to set a reminder on Android, but with the help of the spotlight app, you can create a reminder instantly.

#3. Launch an App

Sometimes it takes a long time to find a particular app among multiple apps and it is very irritating. you have to search from beginning to end to find that app. To get rid of all these problems, the spotlight app proves to be helpful, with which you can find the app you want in just a few taps.

Whatever app you are looking for, all you have to do is enter its name, and spotlight will help you find that app. Spotlight plays an important role in saving you the hassle and time wasted in finding apps.

#4. Call any Contact

This feature can be very beneficial for those people who spend most of their time on calls. With the help of this app, you can call any of your contacts with just 1 command. Apart from the call, you can also send emails and texts to any of your contacts.

#5. Play Music

If you are a music lover and like to listen to music, then you have to launch the music app again and again. Apart from this, there is a problem in finding the music app among many apps which is quite irritating.

But with spotlight app, you can play your favourite music very easily. It helps you play music with just 1 click. Not only music but you can also play videos and other media.

How to use Spotlight on Android Devices

You need a command to perform any feature in the Spotlight app. Just like the command to play music is play music, To find an app, you just have to type the name of that app.

Similarly, if you want to call or text someone, you have to tell the app to call or text that specific person.

How to Download Spotlight App on your Android Smartphone

However, there is no need to download the spotlight app as Google already supports almost all the functions of spotlight. But if you are using an old device that does not support spotlight features, then you can use an external app for this.

You can install Spotlight app on Android device by following the steps given below :

    • Open play store app on your smartphone.
    • Search “App search plus” then download it.
    • Now install the app and open it.
What is App Spotlight on Android
What is App Spotlight on Android

That’s it, You have successfully installed the spotlight app on your Android device. Now you can enjoy this app.

Wrapping Up

In today’s article, you have learned “What is App Spotlight on Android Devices”? what are its features and when and how to use it? I hope you liked the detailed information given on this topic.

If you have any queries regarding this topic “What is App Spotlight on Android Devices” then don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box. Stay connected with our website to get such important information. Thank you

FAQs | What is App Spotlight on Android Devices?

Following are some frequently asked questions related to the topic “What is App Spotlight on Android Devices.

What apps should I remove from my Android?

Sometimes without any reason, we install many apps on our smartphones but it is not right to do so. Such unnecessary apps are defined by the term bloatware. There are many such apps which include hotel booking applications, questionable office applications, games etc.

These apps not only affect your phone’s storage but also consume the phone’s battery. Apart from this, you should know that photo and filter/editor apps also come under the category of adware. You may find these apps useful but they are not, in fact, they are nothing more than glorified bloatware.

In such a situation, you should not keep such apps on your phone and also do not install any such apps in your phone which ask for unnecessary permission. This could be a security risk for you.

How do I turn off Spotlight app?

You can easily turn off Spotlight by uninstalling third-party apps. However, it is very important for you to know that this feature is not inbuilt so that third-party apps can interfere with your privacy.

So don’t install it if you don’t need it. Once you uninstall the app, you can easily disable spotlight from your Android.

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