Top 10 Best Android Apps For YouTubers 2022

Top 10 Best android Apps for YouTubers: If you are planning to become a YouTuber and you don’t have a PC, Laptop, or DSLR camera then you don’t need to worry, In today’s time,  to become a YouTuber you don’t necessary to have a PC, Laptop, DSLR camera, etc.

If you have talent then with the help of a smartphone you can become a successful YouTuber. Today we will be learning about the “10 Best android Apps for YouTubers”, With the help of these 10 apps, you can record, edit, and upload your YouTube videos easily.

There are many apps available on the internet with the help of those apps you can make your YouTube video professionally.

Top 10 Best android Apps for YouTubers 2022

Here’s the list of Top 8 “Best android Apps for YouTubers ” 2022.

1. Open Camera

Open camera is a very useful android app. It is used to record high-quality videos. Friends if you are new in YouTube and you don’t have DSLR or any other camera to record your video then you can download this app on your smartphone and edit your video professionally.

This app should keep all the YouTubers Especially those who make videos from smartphones. In this app you get a lot of features like you can increase or decrease the resolution of the video, you can use the external mic Boya, Set ISO set the recording speed, and many more options you will get in this app. It is considered one of the “Best android Apps for YouTubers” in 2020. 

2. YouTube Creator Studio

If you are a YouTube creator then you should not skip this app, This is the most useful app for a YouTuber. YouTube creator studio is the official app of YouTube for its creator. Like the YouTube app for users, likewise the YouTube creator studio app for YouTube creators.

With the help of this android app, you can manage your YouTube channel from your smartphone itself. You can change the title, Description, Edit tags, Add thumbnails, enable monetization for videos and the most important part is that you can check the earnings of your YouTube channel from this app.

Features of YouTube Creator Studio :

  • You can Monitor your channel and videos with advanced analysis.
  • Edit the video details like Title, Description, thumbnail, playlist, monetization settings, etc.
  • Instantly respond to comments and filter them.
  • Check your earnings.
  • Real-time views count

3. Legend

Almost everyone must know about the legend application. If you don’t know about this app then let me tell you that with the help of this you can create great intros for your YouTube videos. As you might have noticed, many YouTube videos have a few seconds intro at the start, in which they have their own channel name that is called intro. So you can make an awesome intro for your videos using the legend app. It has many designs, You just need to select the design of your choice and write the text (Your channel name)

After that, your intro will be made. Then you can save that intro and insert it into your video.

4. Canva

 Canva app is also a useful app for a YouTuber. It is one of the best apps to make high-quality thumbnails, channel art, logo, Facebook covers, etc. you can find many designs (over 60,000+ templates) in this app. If you have Tech, Education or cooking channel, etc. then you can choose the design according to your channel’s category and make an awesome thumbnail for your YouTube videos.

If you are looking for the best app to make a thumbnail for your YouTube videos then you can try this app.

Features of Canva :

  • It is simple and easy to use. With the help of this app you can edit like a pro.
  • More than 1 million + Free and unlimited templates, texts etc.
  • Cool stickers and awesome elements.

5. Kinemaster

Kinemaster app is the most used app by a YouTuber. If you don’t know about this app then let me tell you Kinemaster is a professional Video editing software for android users. You can edit all types of videos in this application. it supports multiple layers of video, overlays, stickers, effects, images, and text as well as cutting and trimming of video. You can even create a green screen video here too. This is must have Android app for YouTube creators who like to edit their videos on their smartphones. There are both paid and free versions available for this application.

Features of Kinemaster :

  • Animation styles
  • Real-time video & audio recording.

6. DU Screen Recorder

Du Screen Recorder is especially a screen recorder android app. When you make a video in which you need to record the screen then with the help of Du Screen Recorder app you can record the mobile screen easily. If you have a tech, tutorial or Educational YouTube channel then this app is going to be very useful to you.

Apart from mobile screen recording, there are many more options available in this app like editing Video, Merge Video, Video to GIF, Wi-Fi Transfer, Edit Images, Stitch Images, etc. It’s a free app and also has the option to hide the watermark, which other screen recorders have in only in their PRO version.

Features of DU Screen recorder :

  • Unlimited high-quality 1080p video recording.
  • No need to root your mobile.
  • Live stream support: you can live-stream your phone screen to sites like Facebook and YouTube.
  • Screenshots and image editing.

7. Lexis Audio Editor

Sometimes while recording an audio,  we get some unwanted background noises in our audio sound play, (e.g. vehicle sound, wind blow etc.). These Unwanted voices make the audience feel irritated while watching the video. Lexis audio editor helps to remove all those unwanted sounds from the background and enhances the quality of your audio. you simply need to import/open the audio file, make some changes like the cut, record or filter any noise and save it directly to the desired storage by just a few clicks.

Features of Lexis Audio Editor :

  • Cut, copy and paste any audio file.
  • Normalizing and noise reduction.
  • Change tempo, speed & pitch.

8. Tubebuddy

It is basically a tool for YouTubers, If you already have a YouTube channel then this tool will prove to be very beneficial for you. TubeBuddy is a great app that helps a lot in improving the SEO (manage, optimize and grow ) of your YouTube Channel’s videos.

Features of Tubebuddy :

  • Tag Explorer/Suggested tags – you can Easily find the best and most popular tags for your videos. The most powerful feature of this tool is that with the help of this you can see the tags of any other channel’s videos.
  • GIF generator- You can create an animated GIF from any specific part of your videos.
  • Tubebuddy keywords tool:- It provides you a keyword tool with the help of this you can find a suitable keyword for your YouTube videos.
  • Thumbnail Generator: Thumbnails are the most important part of any video, people click on the video after seeing your attractive thumbnail. With the help of tubebuddy’s thumbnail generator, you can make an attractive thumbnail for your YouTube videos.
  • Best Time to Publish Your Video: This is another superb feature that helps your YouTube videos to become viral. This option tells you which day and time is best to publish your videos.

9. Snapseed

Snepsheed is Google’s product and the best photo editor app for YouTubers. Snapseed includes 29 tools and filters, including Healing brush, RAW Develop, Tune Image, Details, Crop, Rotate, Perspective, White Balance, Brush, etc. with the help of this app you can make an attractive thumbnail for a YouTube video.

10. Adobe Spark Post

Adobe spark post is one of the best graphic designing apps for a YouTuber. Using Spark Post, you can create an amazing thumbnail for your YouTube videos. It is easy to use, Just pick/select your image, add text on that pic, and apply the beautiful design on photos.

In this post we have told you about 3 thumbnail-maker apps for YouTube videos, you can use whatever you like as per your convenience.

Apart from making thumbnails, you can create eye-catchy animated posts from this app with one tap and share them as a video on your favorite platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Features of Adobe spark post :

  • Millions of Free Photos- you can access more than 1 million photos absolutely free.
  • Instant Sharing– After creating your designs, you can share them directly to your favorite social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, etc
  • Background Eraser- you can erase and replace your background with anything with 1 single click.
  • Auto Resize- you can instantly resize your designs for each social networking site.

Conclusion: Top 10 Best Android Apps for YouTubers 2022

So, these were the list of Top 10 Best android Apps for YouTubers”. I Hope You Like It. Please share the article on social media platforms.

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